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Giving You The Superpowers To Focus On Physical & Mental Health

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This beautiful app encourages ​and empowers you during ​difficult times

Be lifted up and strengthened in your faith

The Build Your Faith App™ is designed to uniquely support

individuals and families facing physical and emotional health challenges ​by offering:

  • Life-giving affirmations
  • Healing prayers
  • Encouraging interactive activities

Transform your health journey with spiritual support and ​encouragement.

The Build Your Faith App™ is your companion in times of health ​challenges, providing you with powerful affirmations, healing prayers, and ​interactive activities to uplift your spirit and strengthen your faith.

Daily Emotional & Mental Health ​Support During Difficult Times

We are proud to share that we were honored as one of ​the top 10 finalists in the prestigious T.D. Jakes

Good Soil Forum 2024 Pitch Competition,

selected from a remarkable pool of 900 participants.

Key Features:

  • Daily Encouragement: Receive life-giving affirmations and Bible verses to inspire ​you every day.
  • Personalized Prayers: Access healing prayers tailored to your specific needs and ​health challenges.
  • Interactive Activities: Engage in activities designed to reduce stress and ​promote spiritual growth.
  • Zoe’s Wellness Words: Discover acrostic poems, prayers, and affirmations that ​bring comfort and hope.
  • Gratitudes Game: Share your daily gratitudes and connect with a community of ​support.

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Daily Encouragement

Personalized Prayer

Gratitudes Game

Ease your stress and anxiety associated with medical ​procedures, treatment, medications and side effects. ​Encourage yourself and others and give life to your soul, ​body and mind.

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Our Team

Our team is led by our founder Sonja Sulcer who is ​a wife, a mom, a creative thinker, and an innovation ​strategist. She is passionate about coaching ​individuals to think creatively to maximize their ​potential regardless of the circumstances they find ​themselves in. She has developed innovation and ​entrepreneurship training programs at Stanford ​University for an international audience.

While going through health challenges Sonja created ​several resources to help others going through the ​emotional, mental, and physical side effects ​associated with a critical diagnosis. She is also an ​Amazon bestselling author.

Sonja has been featured by


Dr. Jarvis Sulcer is the loving husband of Sonja ​Sulcer and has been an amazing supporter during ​her health challenges. As a caregiver, he has ​witnessed first-hand the mental stress that comes ​with a health challenge.

Jarvis found his passion in STEM and went on to earn ​his Bachelor of Science in Physics from Southern ​University as a first-generation college graduate. He ​then earned his Master of Science and Doctor of ​Philosophy in Nuclear Science and Engineering from ​Cornell University.

Dr. Jarvis Sulcer is an executive leader in the ​education sector with a history of increasing access ​to high-quality education through his work in the ed ​tech, private, and non-profit sectors. He is a former ​engineer who brings his entrepreneurial spirit to ​innovate programs and products that enhance ​student learning and engagement, especially in ​STEM.


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I just signed up and I love it so much! My favorite part is ZOE’s Wellness Words. I searched migraine and anxiety and found the poem, prayer, and verse so encouraging.

~ Cindy S.

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This morning I began my day with the Build Your Faith App™. This will be a part of my daily routine. I literally can feel the peace of God come upon me as I read the prayer, the scriptures and did the gratitude exercise.

~ Sheletta M.


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I highly recommend the Build Your Faith App™ to anyone looking to deepen their faith. It is also a great gift for loved ones, especially those facing serious illnesses. If you want an app that supports healing, spiritual growth and daily gratitude subscribe to Build Your Faith App™.

~ Joy R.

Build Your Faith App™

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